AUTHOR Felix Kirschenbauer

Projekt-PR-Referent Messe München

IT2I2015: Exhibitors and IoT Solutions

At the trade fair for intelligent, digitally networked working environments on November 10 – 13, exhibitors such as arvato Systems and Telefónica Germany will present solutions and products on the subjects of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0. An initial selection of the companies taking part at IT2Industry and what they have…


Prof. Dr. August-Wilhelm Scheer

„The Industrial Big Change“ – Prof. August-Wilhelm Scheer

The new information technologies directed by the Internet of Things have an effect on all essential functions of the industrial enterprise and are leading to new business models with new products, services and business processes. This is demonstrated in the following article by Prof. Dr. August-Wilhelm Scheer by means of his “Y” model. The “Y”…


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