1 of 4 Companies Became Target of IT Security Attack In 2017 – Survey

Edited by Ingo Becker

After a recent IT Security Risks Survey (2017) by renowned global IT security firm Kaspersky Lab, 28 Percent of interviewed industrial companies admitted that they were subject of one or more cyberattacks. This means a plus of 8 percent in comparison to 2016 (20 percent). This type of threat is now the most relevant among the 900 companies asked for the study.

As a further outcome of the survey, 48 percent of industrial enterprises have incapable insight into the threats.

87 percent of industrial organizations responded that informational technology/operational technology (IT/OT) security events were complex. The lapse of time detecting according problems sheds a light on the details –

  • 34 percent companies on average spend several days detecting a cyberattack.
  • 20 percent even needed several weeks to identify respective IT issues.

On the other hand the responsible corporate management, especially CIOs and/or CTOs, are absolutely aware of the permanent need for IT security systems.

Still Major Factor for Corporate IT Security Threats: Employees

  • For 49 percent (i.e. half) of industrial businesses employees blame companies’ staff for not properly following IT security policies.
  • In fact employees are responsible for 46 percent of IT security incidents each year, which means that they remain a top cybersecurity risk factor within enterprises.
  • 43 percent respondents surveyed said that reasons are to be identified within other sectors.

Due to the steady increase in complexity and number of cybersecurity attacks on industrial enterprises, the impact of ignoring such threats may have serious implications.

Improved Security Software Vs Enhancement Of IT Compliance

Predictions 2018 – Digest

  • More supply chain attacks.
  • Industrial control systems: not yet attacked, but sometimes not secure as well.
  • Unsecure IoT probably attacked by fiercer brick malbot.

– Detailed overview on further cybersecurity threats 2018.

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